Tune in to Hailsham FM throughout the week to hear the following shows….

General Music Shows

Monday to Friday


Pat Bradley

Tim Fox

Weekday Breakfast (7am – 9am)

Join Pat, Tim, Michelle and Martina as you wake up and drive into work or school.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the national and international news on the hour, plus your weather to help plan your day in Hailsham, the Local Events Guide at 7.30, plus all your traffic and travel news to keep you moving every half an hour.

We’ll also squeeze in the best variety of tunes to make your rush hour sail by, starting your day off the best way!


Helen Lawrence

The Morning Show (9am – midday)

Join Helen, Neil and Danno for your morning show.

As well as great music to take you through your morning, we’ll have a guest in the studio daily from 10am, plus will keep you up to date on the news and weather, travel news plus delve into our local events guide.


Sharon Davis


The Afternoon Show (1pm – 4pm)

Join Sharon & Gerry, Jayne, Kim and Carole for the afternoon show.

We’ll look into our Mystery Year between 1 and 2, playing some of the hits and looking back at the headlines from our selected year. Why not see if you can guess the year, either on your own or with others at work, just for fun!

We’ll also keep you up to date with the traffic for the school pickup, and give you the chance to pick two favourite songs for the School Run at 3.30.



Drivetime (4pm – 7pm)

Join Carole, Danno, Paul and Neal to drive you home after a long day at work.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the national and international news on the hour, weather, the Local Events Guide at 6.30, plus all your traffic and travel news to keep you moving every half an hour.

We’ll also squeeze in the best variety of tunes to make your rush hour sail by, starting your day off the best way!

Saturday & Sunday

Pat Bradley

Weekend Breakfast (7am – 10am)
Wake up with Pat as he takes a look at the news and events and travel in our area with of course some great music.
On Sunday at 8am, Pat will have seven tracks for seven days chosen by our listeners.

Simon Herbert

Simon Herbert (Saturday 10am – 1pm)
Join Simon for three hours of classic hits, news of local events, and guest interviews, together with the occasional “interesting” track.

Elise Bradley

Elise Bradley (Saturday 1pm – 3pm)
Elise brings you two hours of the very best current and hip hop music for you this lunchtime.


Saturday Sport (Saturday 3pm – 6pm)
Join Ian Mogridge for your Saturday afternoon, with previews of the local and national sports fixtures, results as they come in and great mix of music as well.

Phil Ashby (Saturday 8pm – 10pm)
Phil plays an eclectic selection of a variety music, as well as a number of well-known classics.

Gary Page

Gary Page (Sunday 10am – 1pm)
A magical mix of pop, indie, rock and soul with everything else in between. No set genres, not frightened to play the classic hits and new artists. Just great, great music. If that’s not enough, every week Gary chooses a classic album to explore.

Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer (Sunday 3pm – 5pm)
Join Martina for two hours of chat, special guests and great music.

Wayne Spicer

Wayne Spicer (Sunday 5pm – 8pm)
Wayne’s in the chair for your soundtrack to Sunday tea time – news, tunes, local interviews, your requests, “I’m Lost!” competition and great music – its what Sundays are made for.

Specialist Shows

Alan Cann

Reggae & Ska (Monday 7pm – 9pm)
Join Alan for some ska, reggae, two-tone and (perhaps) some electronica. If there’s a song you’d like Alan to dig out and play for you then get in touch via the usual methods.

Monday Night Movies (Monday 9pm – 11pm)
Join John for two hours of film and TV news and reviews.
John will combine a mixture of music, film clips and chat to take you through until bedtime.

Stuart Clack-Lewis

The Premium Blend Show (Tuesday 7pm – 9pm)
Join Stuart to keep you amused for your Tuesday evening. He’ll have the 20 Minute Mix, a Hit from the Vault, the back2back blend, plus a live guest – either a local solo artist or band – acoustically in the studio.

Dylan Hibbert

The Alternative Show (Tuesday 9pm – 11pm)


Swinging Sixties Show (Wednesday 7pm – 9pm)
Join Paul for two hours of classic Sixties – the decade when the typewriter was invented, Doctor Who was first aired, the pirates took over the airwaves and arguably some of the best music even made was penned.

Hailsham FM

The Hellingly Centre Show (1st Wednesday of the Month 9pm – 11pm)

Phil Masters

Totally 80’s (2nd Wednesday of the Month 9pm – 11pm)


The Chalk Horse Mostly Folk Show (3rd Wednesday of the Month 9pm – 11pm)

Neil Povey

Courthouse Irregular (4th Wednesday of the Month 9pm – 11pm)

Geoff Russell

Gone Country (Thursday 7pm – 9pm)
Geoff’s gone all country! Join our very own cowboy Geoff playing a great selection of country music, from over the years up to the current day.

Peter Willson

Pete’s Jazz Show (Thursday 9pm – 11pm)
Peter brings his favourite Jazz music to the air for his weekly Jazz club. If there’s a favourite track you like, get in touch and he’ll see if he’s got it in his box!


TGI Friday (Friday 7pm – 9pm)
Join Sarah for the sound track to your evening.

Chris Pullen

The CP Rock Show (Friday 9pm – 11pm)
Fed up with the usual club and disco music every Friday night? Chris brings you two hours of the greatest rock music for your evening! A great alternative to the norm with a mixture of classic tracks and upcoming local and internation bands.

Sharon Davis

Motown & Soul (Saturday 6pm – 8pm)
Playing soul and dance music spanning the 60s through to the 80s, including a huge smattering of Motown and, of course, the obligatory Davis musings. Anything can happen in two hours and usually does!

Martin Read

The Mr Tum Radio Show (Sunday 1pm – 3pm)
Two hours of sonic chaos from punk to jazz, and all the good stuff in between… The Mr Tum radio show has something for everyone – it’s the perfect condiment for your Sunday roast!


Dance & Trance (Sunday 8pm – 10pm)