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Welcome to The MrTum Radio Show page.

Along with my fearless sidekick Pigpen, I broadcast live 1-3pm every Sunday on Hailsham FM and blend ham-fisted incompetence with child-like enthusiasm, bringing to you a mix of music which is carefully selected to bring maximum listening pleasure.

With no allegiance to any specific genre, The MrTum Radio Show is always thrilled to hear new and interesting music and fully welcome and encourage submissions for transmission from artists. groups and labels.

You can contact us by clicking on any of the social media links or emailing us on

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can spare the time to tune in and listen; you can also catch up with all of our shows via the Mixcloud icon.

Thanks for dropping by.

MrTum & Pigpen

MrTum Radio Show LIVE 22.4.18

hurrah for sunshine, sit out, and tune in to this weeks MrTum Radio Show LIVE on Hailsham FM, 1-3pm for all of these gems...
Yoko Ono, @nirvanauk, Big Blood, Jaromil Sabor, The Bonnevilles, AQUASERGE, @station 17, En Attendant Ana, Brother JT, #thebody, #valage, Des Demonas, #lessympathicsdeportonovo, Led Zeppelin, #ampsforchrist, #larrydavis, #themathematics, #mars, THE VACANT LOTS, #tommyjay, #odonellevy and Pigpen’s Pick of the Week fro. Modern English.
big thanks to the the labels, Secretly Canadian, Cherry Red, #donttrusttheruin, Howlin Banana Records, Alive Natural Sound Records, Crammed Discs, @Bureau b, Trouble In Mind Records, Thrill Jockey Records, In The Red Recordings, ANALOG AFRICA, #shrimper, Stones Throw Records, #slowdive, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, A Recordings Ltd, @4AD, #assophon and #groovemerchant. #freeformradio

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MrTum Radio 100th Show LIVE 15.4.18

Welcome along to our 100th show!!!!!....yes people, they’ve let us stay on for this long... so get yourselves ready and tune in from 1-3pm via the TuneIn app or through Hailsham FM.
Up today you will get X the official band page!, #thevolumes, #fivesavcrowd, #theweb, Sidi Toure Music, #bondbrown, #villagecallers, #kannibalkomix, #beechwood, The Senior Service, #flavorcrystals, Carsick Cars, #afterargument, #alexander, #billmonroe, #bruteforce, Misfits, The Velvet Underground, Soul Syndicate, Mission of Burma, Archie Shepp, The Very Things, #cramps, Bo Diddley, and Pigpen’s Track of the Week from Electric Six.

As always, big thanks to the labels...Big Life, Numéro, #cherryred, Thrill Jockey Records, #vinilissimo, @munster, Alive Naturalsound, Damaged Goods, Genjing Records, Sepia Tone, #rubyslash, #verve, @trojan, #aceofhearts, Fire Records.
so that’s it, tune in, see if you like it, and celebrate with us our 100th show.

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 8.4.18

happy sunday and welcome along to another MrTum Radio Show. today you will be treated to @Swivs, Keith Jarrett, Otis Reading, The Saints (Official), @dream decay, #yesterdaysnewquartet, #thescientists, Shark Toys, Simply Saucer, A Band Called E, FleshEaters, #mina, Shuggie Otis, #calibre ft #lariman, Bram Tchaikovsky - Official, @the damned, The Ejected, New York Dolls, J.C.Satàn, Pierre Vassiliu, #markrenner, and Pigpens Track of the Week from Camera Obscura.
as always, shout out to the labels Elefánt, Cherry Red Records, BORN BAD RECORDS, @RVNG, BANG! RECORDS, In The Red Recordings, Thrill Jockey Records, #bungalowrecords, Luaka Bop, fabriclondon, #swivs, #ironlung, and Stones Throw Records.
join us 1-3 pm LIVE today Hailsham FM or via the TuneIn app.

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 1.4.18

Today on The MrTum Radio Show.. LIVE 1-3pm Hailsham FM.
Checkout all of these.. #meerkat, NOTS, #sectmark, Buffalo Killers, Severed+Said, Cannonball Statman, #sebastienpunasco, Violet Nox, Alvarius B., #haroldland, The Urinals, The Minutemen (band), #bogodyssey, #lordkitchener, #crowbar, Captain Beefheart, #wighat, Burning SPEAR, #mouthus, #trike, Rufus Thomas, #psyclonerangers, dDamage, #X and Pigpens Track of the Week from Toshi Ichiyanagi.
Big Shout out to all the labels... #abduction #wewantsounds, Amphetamine Reptile Records, Bang Record, Honest Jon's Records, #spitfirerecords, #theendrecords, #bridgerecords, Goner Records, #ironlung, Alive Naturalsound, Not Not Fun Records, German Shepherd Records, ANALOG AFRICA, #reverbworship, #anothertimerecords, #troubleman, BPitch Berlin, #worlddomination,#adaadat, and Big Life Records.
Tune in 1-3pm.

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 25.3.18

Sunday sunday, you come round so quick, but hey, at least there’s The MrTum Radio Show to listen to, join us today 1-3 on Hailsham FM for all of these..
#thetubes, Tangents, Grifters, Meat Puppets, The Staple Singers, #hindsbrothers, #piri, Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF, #ludellablack, JOHN 3:16, #anthonydonovan, Philippe Gerber, Sidi Toure Music, The New Tusk, @sunwatchers, #intensivecare, King Mastino, Hawkwind, @traxman, Mad Professor, Dreamdecay, #timbuckley, Crime Punk Band and Pigpens Track of the Week from Moon Duo.
Big shout to the labels..Sacred Bones Records, Temporary Residence Ltd., Subpop, #sst, #bgp, #omnisonic, @far out recordings, Damaged Goods, Cruel Nature Records, Thrill Jockey Records, Trouble In Mind Records, #ironlung, Beluga,Ghost Highway Recordings, @savage music, @planetmu, and Ariwa sounds.

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 18.3.18

Today on The MrTum Radio Show... Sonido Gallo Negro, Die Wilde Jagd, #wettuna, Matt Valentine, Nisantashi Primary School, Tape Deck Mountain, Müca özer, #theex, GG Allin, Ohio Express, TH da Freak, No Age, Feels, Mudhoney, Νόμος 751,#arp, #mc5,#greenonred, #iroy, #ebonyrhythmband, #pixletan, #groovyairline, Mr. Airplane Man, #thefreedomsounds and Pigpens Track of the Week from Ritual Veil.
Big shout to the labels #buddah, #bfe, Howlin Banana Records, Drag City Records, Castle Face Records, Slovenly Recordings, Smalltown Supersound, #alivetotalenergy, #china, Now Again Records, Stones Throw Records,#troubleman, #apricot, #sympathyfortherecord, Glitterbeat Records, @bureaub, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Morr Music, @nisantashi, Katuktu Collective, havahreclab, #exrecords.
Join us 1-3 Hailsham FM


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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 11.3.18

Today on The MrTum Radio Show, you’ll get MrTum showing off a bit cos it’s his birthday, oh and tracks from all of these gems. join us 1-3pm Hailsham FM or via the TuneIn app.
TH da Freak, Olden Yolk, THING, Waskerley Way, X Ray Spex, Tom Waits, Pastor T.L. Barrett, @killdozer, Lucky Peterson, kodo, karate, mono mono, Alice Cooper, GNOD, Dedekind Cut, heal Laurent Perrier, @aaron spectre, @ANMLS, Wooing Buck Curran, Station 17., and Pigpens Track of the Week from Slint (official).
With big love to the labels.. today records, petrol records, Southern Records, Tummy Touch, Touch and Go Records, Howlin Banana Records, Trouble In Mind Records, Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records, Lugubrious Audio, Light In The Attic Records, Numero Group, Rocket Recordings, @kranky, Slovenly Recordings, Ba Da Bing! Records, ESP-Disk', Obsolete Recordings, Forced Exposure and @bureaub.


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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 25.2.18

Everyone ready for Britain’s most unprofessional Radio Show? Well whether you’re ready or not, we'll be back with you today LIVE 1-3pm on Hailsham FM. Opening up with Wire and then hurtling on with all of these.... #kidcommando, #sirdupermann, #devo, Half Japanese, #jackieopel,Culture Shock, #drjohn, #afcgt, Fania, #brotherjt, Causa Sui, No Age,Charles Bradley, DJ Katapila, #adultfilmmakers, #kennethhigney, Orange Goblin, #volumeallstar, #supercar, Gabor Szabo, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Pigpens Track of the Week from Magnetic Fields.
And shouting out to all the labels too.. #merge, Thrill Jockey Records, #elparaiso, Drag City Records, Daptone Records, Awesome Tapes From Africa, #demonbeach, clifton lee mann, Rise Above Records, #slabco, #kioon, Ache Records, Smalltown Supersound, Fire Records, Paperhouse Records, and Alternative Tentacles Records.
Come over and see what all the fuss is about via hailshamfm online or the TuneIn app.

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