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Welcome to The MrTum Radio Show page.

Along with my fearless sidekick Pigpen, I broadcast live 1-3pm every Sunday on Hailsham FM and blend ham-fisted incompetence with child-like enthusiasm, bringing to you a mix of music which is carefully selected to bring maximum listening pleasure.

With no allegiance to any specific genre, The MrTum Radio Show is always thrilled to hear new and interesting music and fully welcome and encourage submissions for transmission from artists. groups and labels.

You can contact us by clicking on any of the social media links or emailing us on

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can spare the time to tune in and listen; you can also catch up with all of our shows via the Mixcloud icon.

Thanks for dropping by.

MrTum & Pigpen

The MrTum Radio LIVE 18.2.18

Sunday’s your line up people.. 1-3pm Hailsham FM
HELLCHILD, 13th Floor Elevators, #esg, Albert Ayler, AC/DC, Robbie Basho, Mythic Sunship, Sewers, Myrmidons, #WOD, #controltest, #MAST, #rickyhell, #garywar, #hamadkalkaba, #jimmyforest, #nicogomez, #herva, Guided By Voices, The Wipers, 9353 and Pigpens track of the week from The Herbaliser, Latyrx, Lateef the Truthspeaker.
As always thanks to the labels. Ritual Records, Charly Records, Soul Jazz Records, #impulse, #esp, Pissfart Records, #ironlung, Alpha Pup Records, #elparaiso, Homeless, Girlsville, Greenway Records, Dirty Water Records, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, ANALOG AFRICA, #unitedrecords, Mr Bongo, #planetmu, #zeno and #adultswim.

Listen again right here.

The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 11.2.18

MrTum Radio Show LIVE 4.2.18

Today on The MrTum Radio Show,prepare yourselves as himself is in a very silly mood,already dancing around the kitchen to Pats breakfast show.

If he can be controlled he will be bringing you all of these.. #subduxtion, B.Fleischmann, Cheater Slicks, #themightysparrow, LCD Soundsystem, Testphasen negativ, #mountainsrainbows, #camarao, #thenomads, #konstrukt #keijihaino, #mutantvideo, the Scaners, Νόμος 751, Carlton Melton (band page), #beechwood, #zeit, #theheadcoatees, Moaning Cities, Tang Soleil, #jackrose, Dommengang, with Pigpens Track of the Week from Feasibility Study and #dandolby #bloom.

Listen right here in case you should happened to have missed it.

Big thanks to everyone for giving us the tracks.. Alrealon Musique, Philippe Gerber, Morr Music, In The Red Recordings, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, DFA RECORDS, #agitatedrecords, Alive Naturalsound, Black Sweat Records, Damaged Goods, EXAG' Records, Dusty Medical Records, Three Lobed Recordings and Thrill Jockey Records.

That’s it, join us 1-3pm #hailshamfm or the TuneIn app.

The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 28.1.18

Today on The MrTum Radio Show, you can expect all of these nuggets to brighten your sunday lunchtime...join us 1-3pm Hailsham FM.

If you missed it, you can listen again here

#garageland, #abletasmans,#thehospitals, #koushik, #vampirecant, Chris Corsano, Meier & Erdmann, #theimperialwiththeplayers, Mirrored Lips, #johnnycohenlovemaachine, #swivs, #orchestraharlow, ガセネタ, #peterbrotzman, Mutamassik, #operationivy, #assemblylinepeople, #thespeakingcanaries, Hey Colossus, Art Of Burning Water, Sara Renberg, Wau y los Arrrghs, Sunwatchers, Salad Boys and Pigpens Track of the Week from FREEX.
As always, a nod to all the lovely labels who let us have stuff. Flying Nun Records, Load Records, Stones Throw Records, Moniker Eggplant, Cruel Nature Records, #teenbeat, #theswivscom, #scatrecords, #troubleman, Riot Season Records, #PSF, Antiquated Future, Slovenly Recordings, and Trouble In Mind Records.

That’s it, join us 1-3pm @hailshamfm or TuneIn.

South Coast Mighty Hike Macmillan Charity 27 Mile Walk

Always a glutton for punishment, MrTum and his mate Bruce will be tackling the sussex countryside and the Hiking@Macmillan South Coasty Mighty Hike. 27 miles for the second year in honour of his dad and our lost friend Mark.

If you have any spare pennies we'd be stoked if you could chuck them our way for Macmillan Cancer Support.

"Me and Brucie Bonus are doing it again despite saying we wouldn't, so obviously we want your cash money; please donate like a total bosschamp.
In memory of my Pa Mighty Mick Read and my pal Marky Ballbag. Dig deep.
Ps. don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box.
Your pal Tum"

The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 21.1.18

Well despite an incident with a face and a cooker hood (listen in to find out!) The MrTum Radio Show will go on and with you live today 1-3pm on Hailsham FM.  If you missed it, click here

Today you'll hear #testphasennegativ, Busdriver/, Coke Weed, Drakkar Nowhere, #garywar, Kris Thompson, schlammpeitziger, McCoy Tyner, #EruschaV, #Imarc4, #gentlemen, The Dacios, #mountainsrainbows, #thesolarfalres, #philwitpegasus, Old Time Relijun, #theusaisamonster, #blackdice, #liliput, #theupsetters, Bertrand Burgalat, Kashmere Stage Band, #leadbelly, Koenji Hyakkei 高円寺百景 with Pigpens Pick of the Week from The Beta Band.

As always, big up for the labels that give us all this stuff. #serpeneheli, #temporarywhatever, Beyond Beyond is Beyond, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Bureau B, Rvng Intl., DFA RECORDS, Kill Rock Stars, Tricatel, Stones Throw Records, #revenant, #skingraft, Munster Records, Homeless, Castle Face Records, Damaged Goods Records, Krecs and #loadrecords. That's your lot, come and join us Mel Tum Read 1pm

The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 14.1.18

1-3 The MrTum Radio Show LIVE Hailsham FM, Thee Oh Sees, #kelleystolt, Pachinko, #napaustevens, #suncycle, #clever, Nextwon, #bebefang, #theuntitled, The Prefab Messiahs, Violet Nox, Omni, #headroom, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, #atamina, #assemblylinepeopleprogram, #thespeakingcanaries, #television, Link Wray, #heatsensorftmsayyid, and Pigpen’s Track of the Week from Herbie Mann.

As always, massive shout to the labels Enfant Terrible, #lollipop, BURGER RECORDS, #reverb, Trouble In Mind Records, Daptone Records, #makkum, Castle Face Records, Alternative Tentacles Records, #embryo, Numero Group, Homeless, Collective Resonance, #slampt, #scat, Domino Recording Company, #soundink.

That’s it people, get yourselves ready for another instalment from us 1-3pm.

If you missed it, click here to listen.

Kelley Stoltz - Same Pattern
Pachinko - The Flea
Nextwon - Howl
Clever - My Head
Bebe Fang - Walk
The Prefab Messiahs - Everything U No
Headroom - Flower Of Light
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Let Them Knock
Omni - Date Night
Atamina - No One Wants To Die
Napau Stevens - What Are The Wild Waves Saying
Herbie Mann - Push Push
Thee Oh Seas - I Come From The Mountain
The Untitled - Gurgling Drain
The Television Personalities - She Can Stop Traffic
Sunn Cycle - Acid Raga
Heat Sensor Ft. M Sayyid - Gravy
Violet Nox - Nebula
Link Wray - Climbing A High Wall


The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 7.1.18

Today 1-3 Hailsham FM, MrTum returns for his legendary radio show. Join us Mel Tum Read for all of these..
Lionel Hampton _ Verve Records, #deepfrosty, HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE, The Casual Sexists, Buffalo Killers, Heaters, Nameless Bastards, SEXTILE, #butterballbrown, Arvidson&Butterflies, MARY'S KIDS, #apprenticedestroyer, Domignostika Peacock, Des Demonas, #larsfinberg, The Senior Service, Damaged Bug, #nicklowe, Fontanelle, Kid606, Minor Threat, T LA ROCK and Pigpens Track of the Week from Funkadelic.

Big thanks to the labels Bada Bing, #ironlung, Feral Media, Alive Naturalsound, Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Felte, Beluga Records, Castle Face Records, In The Red Recordings, Damaged Goods Records, #czaszka, Yep Roc Records Kranky, Ipecac Recordings and Dischord Records.
There you go, get yourselves sorted and join us 1-3pm via Hailsham FM or the TuneIn app.

Missed it? Listen here

On the show this week....

Minor Threat - Salad Days
Des Demonas - There Are No Vampires In Africa
The Casual Sexists - Karakara
His Electro Blue Voice - Crystal Mind
Nameless B*astards - Exit 69
Mary's Kids - Aint Got No, I Got Life
Butterball Brown & His Orchestra - It's Drunk Out Tonight
Apprentice Destroyer - Chrome Temple
Sextile - Ripped
The Senior Service - Slingshot
Lars Finberg - Born Shopping
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Buffalo Killers - Prachute
Palace Lido - Maayl
T LA Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours
Deep Frosty - Pearl
Kid606 - Kidrush
Arvidson & Butterflies - Blank Season
Damaged Bug - Bog Dash
Fontanelle - Niagara
Heaters - Thanks Giving II
Lionel Hampton - Psychedelic Sally
Nick Lowe - Heart Of The City