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Throughout the week, we’ll be bringing you regular interviews with people from around the town, local news and sports coverage, travel information to keep you moving, plus of course the best mix of music to keep you entertained and make your day (or night) more enjoyable.

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Drivetime with _
_ will keep you moving on your drive home with the latest travel news, weather and will be looking into the Hailsham FM Events Guide


The Swinging Sixties Show with Paul Orr
Join Paul for two hours of classic Sixties – the decade when the typewriter was invented, Doctor Who was first aired, the pirates took over the airwaves and arguably some of the best music even made was penned.

The Swinging Sixties Show is brought to you in association with Coastal Records.


Peter Willson

Hailsham FM Jazz Club with Peter Willson
Peter brings his favourite Jazz music to the air for his weekly Jazz club. If there’s a favourite track you like, get in touch and he’ll see if he’s got it in his box!



The LoveZone
Finish off your evening by cuddling up or generally relaxing with some of the best chill-out love songs in our LoveZone.