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Are you looking for a cost effective way to get your business promoted to an unlimited amount of people within the Hailsham area?
The town has over 20,000 people who live and / or work in the area, as well as people passing through the area or visiting friends, family or simply just coming to the town.

We offer you the opportunity to maximise potential for exposure for your company or brand at a very reasonable cost and at the same time you can support a local organisation.

Radio has advantages over printed adverts; with radio, your message will be played and cannot simply be ignored. Radio is discreet, and will “get into people’s heads” without them realising it.

Remember when you have found yourself humming along to a song subconsciously that you heard a few hours beforehand on the radio? The same could happen with your message after it has been played a few times and your brand is foremost in somebody’s mind, the next time they need the service you provide.
Radio also provides the advantage that you can choose when you want your customers to hear it. If you run a take-away or local restaurant, what could be better than your advert playing at a time when it is likely that people’s tummies are rumbling? The possibilities are endless.

By advertising on Hailsham FM, you know the people listening are most likely to be just down the road, easily accessible, and the customer base you need to come back again and again to support your business.

But what about the cost? Doesn’t advertising to potentially thousands of people all at the same time come at a big expense? Think again!
As a local station run by volunteers, we do not have staffing costs and the running costs associated with other media outlets and we exist in order to provide a service to the local community. Any profits that are made after all our costs are met are retained within the station to help contribute towards ongoing broadcasting and also towards our work on having a permanent local community radio station (we have been granted a licence to broadcast full time on FM by OFCOM, and plan on activating this prior to April 2018 when we have built a solid base to work from).

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the affordability of advertising with us.

To compare…
Look at your existing advertising. Do you advertise in a weekly local paper? If so, how many times will your advert be read? Maybe once or twice, depending on how many people read the publication, and duplication of adverts is unlikely to yield any additional results.
With radio advertising, your same advert will be heard over and over again – maybe once, twice, five or ten times per day and by more than one person at once and for several days.
All of this at significantly less than the price you are likely to pay for your written adverts. We have no set advertising costs and can personalise a package to suit your budget, no matter how big or small it may be.
All supporters of the station are also listed within our directory on our website, so our listeners can also see your business there as well.

Getting your message to our audience couldn’t be simpler – all you have to do is call us on our office number, 01323 886 449 or email us at and we can provide you with more information.

Remember in these difficult economic times it is important that your business stands out from your competitors, make sure customers choose you.