Station History

wonkyaerialHailsham Festival FM (as we were previously known) was ‘born’ in 2013 for the Hailsham Festival of Arts.
Initially, the station was run with mainly Peter Willson and Neil Povey on air, along with friends and other guests, and broadcasted from and empty shop on Hailsham High Street.

Due to the success of the station, Neil and Peter were asked to repeat it again for the 2014 festival, and this time more presenters were added to the schedule. The station broadcasted again, this time from a shop opposite St Marys Walk on 87.7FM, and once again was a great success.

Building on our previous success, Hailsham Festival FM came back again for 2015, again expanding our presenter base and featuring two of the popular ‘takeover days’. Also this year, the organisation of the station had been expanded and a committee and working groups created to run the station with Peter and Neil remaining at the helm.

Since the festival came to an end, we have continued to broadcast evevery weekend online, expanding for events such as Easter, Christmas and Bank Holidays. We have also changed our name to reflect that we are here as a full time local station, and not just for the festival. We are now known as ‘Hailsham FM’.

We have recently been awarded a full time licence to allow us to broadcast on FM. We plan to activate this before April 2018, as the award gives us two years in order to raise enough money to fund a full studio setup as well as get enough people to run full time. This will mean that we we will truly be bringing a local service to the town that it is missing currently, as no local stations are overly concerned about covering the town. We will therefore be “your TRULY local station”.